Seed Starting

I think I have finally figured out how to do a good job of seed starting in the house. Even though we have a garden window in our kitchen, I would always end up with leggy starts. I realized that I could easily add supplemental light using small under the counter fluorescents that I happened to have already for a past seed starting setup.

These lights were very inexpensive and they have natural full spectrum or grow light tubes in them. We had attached chain from the screw holes by mounting a screw and wrapping copper wire around it so that the chain can slip onto it. This makes it easy to raise the lights as the plants grow and keep the lights a few inches away from them.

This is what I’ve started: Baby Nantes Carrots, Cylindra Beets, Georgia Southern Collards, White Lisbon Bunching Onion, and a Beet mix from Renee’s Garden. For good information on seed starting and other gardening topics, check out the blog Garden to Table.