These are places we’ve particularly enjoyed during our travels.


bend (more photos)

Red Chair Gallery – we saw so many great pieces here and the overall quality was exceptional; great variety

Thump Coffee – great coffee and very popular place; wishes hang from the ceiling. Their website says:

The wooden planks swaying from thump’s ceiling capturing brief wishes from passers by, are as much of what makes thump, thump as any delicious drink we serve. Have you ever wondered what happens to those wishes or how many have been created? Well, local artist and “Wishes” installation creator Mark Bernahl rotates the wishes every couple of months, adding new ones, removing old ones. He has kept  every single wish that has been rotated out since the “Wishes” inception more than four years ago! And, he has scanned them! You can view more than 5,000 of them here.

Old St. Francis School – enjoyed our stay here; usual McMenamins food, but the atmosphere and artistic details are always fun; we caught great live music and Dan enjoyed the soaking pool

sisters (more photos)

Angeline’s Café – perfect little lunch stop with wonderful healthy soups, sandwiches, pastry items; many gluten-free and vegan choices; nice pottery dishes and colorful local art on the walls

sunriver (photos)

a huge complex with so many different natural areas and structures to explore; at The Pines Resort, we had a wonderful spacious 2 room condo right across from the Club House; it had a fun spiral staircase to the upper loft area, fully stocked kitchen, 2 bikes included for free; the Sunriver Lodge is an impressive building in the grand lodge style and we had a great lunch there

right outside Sunriver in LaPine is a homey little quilt shop, Homestead Quilts; wish we’d tried the homemade pie next door at the Red Rooster–it was seriously cute with all the chicken/rooster decor


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