This is the first year that I’ve been successful planning and growing a variety of winter vegetables. Timing is so critical—since I seeded or set out starts during the summer, we’ve been enjoying a variety of greens and root crops for the past couple of months. This is my harvest this morning.

vegetable harvest this morning

Although the parsnips, rutabagas (or swedes) and Jerusalem artichokes were all dug a month or two ago, we enjoyed the last of the parsnips just yesterday (simply roasted) and I’m still considering what to do with the swedes. Maybe this UK site?

I’m still not convinced that I want to be eating Jerusalem artichokes. Well-roasted so that they are nice and crunchy is my favorite so far; the “potato” salad was a dismal failure. As one of my gardening books describes it, they cause serious flatulence, and that is no joke. (BTW – these plants are a perennial sunflower native to North America.)

What a great mushroom kit! Love the packaging and the whole concept. Check them out here.

great kit for mushrooms

With such an abundance of green gage plums and blackberries, it was wine time! The blackberry cordial is always fantastic and makes a good gift. It is a recipe that I’ve used for years from Billy Joe Tatum’s book “Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook” and it can’t get any easier.

homemade wines

And then there was the failed attempt to make marbled soap! I added green tea powder and was hoping to get a pretty marbled soap with a faint green swirl as demonstrated on YouTube. Maybe the lye fermented the green tea? Apart from the disappointing nasty brown (think tea stains), my swirls only happened on the top with most of the color settling to the bottom like a brick.

marbled soap

Also, the old Singer came out of the closet, got brushed off and was put to work. Needing something to just remind me how things work again, I took a great little class and made this bag. Love it!

zippered bag


One Comment on “Catch-up”

  1. Grew some Swiss chard and mustard greens over the winter, and they’re still producing. Tried a mushroom log with no luck, yet anyway.


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