beaded Citron, oh my!

I have almost completed my beaded bind-off with only a few more inches to go. On the 3rd row from the edge, I placed a bead 12 stitches apart. The math didn’t work out exactly, but who can tell? For the bind-off edge, I decided to do a K2tog, transfer the stitch back to the left needle, place the bead and then K2tog again. It’s looking pretty.

Manipulating the beads, the crochet hook and the knitting needles was driving me a little crazy. I decided a little prep time would make it all so much easier to manage. I took some heavy 20 gauge wire, made an end and then strung as many little beads onto it as I could fit.

It is easy to secure this ring of beads to my ott light setup when I’m done for awhile. My metal chart holder with magnets hangs from the ott light with some extra strong little magnets. I can preload as many as 5 beads on my crochet hook which hangs there nicely from the little magnets ready for the next bead placement.

With Black Sheep around the corner and the weather unpredictable, I may be able to wear it there and show off!


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