Lace, ahhhhhhh

I finished Icarus, my first lace shawl project! The blocking process took some time and I can imagine how much longer it would have taken without blocking wires. Also, I’m lucky to have a spare bed for guests that can function as my blocking board. Everyone talks about the magic of blocking lace because it’s the first time you can really see the lace pattern. So true!

I’m happy with how it turned out and I think I will wear it. That’s just it – am I a “shawl person” – whatever that means? Lace is beautiful for all ages so how is it that old ladies and lace became such a stereotype? Shawls don’t have to mean ‘delicate and dainty.’ I love that sturdy lace shawl that Tasha Tudor wore and it really looks like a shawl to get down and dirty with farm chores. (Actually, the pattern was recreated by Nancy Bush and it’s sitting in my queue.) But she was an old lady so maybe that’s not a good example. What about all those young knitters that have embraced lace shawl knitting with a vengeance? According to Ravelry, Icarus, which has been very popular, now has been knitted or started by over 2,000 people! Clearly, lace shawls have become popular with all ages.

Well, knowing how to wear a shawl is the key to avoiding the old lady syndrome. I’m not going to start a new career as a supermodel, but here is an attempt at wrapping that looks pretty good to me–sort of flung loosely around the neck, ala scarf.

For great tips on how to wear beautiful lace shawls, check out this video from the staff of Knit Picks.


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