Lace, #@*%!

Lace knitting is not something that comes easily to me. I have done a couple of cardigans in lace that came out OK, but I’ve yet to finish one shawl. Shawls have been all the rage in the knitting community for some time and I think this fashion trend started due to the plethora of incredibly beautiful (and expensive) hand-dyed yarns. So many knitters had single skeins of these yarns sitting in their stash and soon patterns for gorgeous shawls needing just that much yardage were everywhere.

I just ripped out a poor attempt based on Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Pi Shawl. This is a clever shawl pattern with mathematical logic and shawl lace knitting really doesn’t get much easier than this. Even so, I struggled to stay interested in the project; it just looked like a big brown lump of – well – something one might step in out in the field. Maybe a better choice of yarn would have made all the difference.

I have picked up another lace shawl project that’s been languishing as a UFO for quite a while, Icarus, and this time it seems to be clicking.  The yarn is Malabrigo, dyed a beautiful tonal color called “marine” and I can’t wait to finish it and wear it. Yes, I’m making mistakes as I go along that I have to go back and correct but it’s getting easier. Lace knitting requires constant vigilance, which means for me, a distraction-free environment, never working on it when tired, and no working on it while chatting at my craft group (or anywhere else).

Good online tutorials abound and Ravelry has many groups devoted to the subject of lace. At Knitter’s Review, you’ll find tutorials and links to all things lace: books, yarns and patterns.

Great info on proper cursing with symbols:


2 Comments on “Lace, #@*%!”

  1. GeekKnitter says:

    All circular shawls look like that while you’re working on them, no matter what the color!


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