off the needles – Napkin Rings

I was hoping this project, bamboo napkin rings, would be perfect for quick and easy sellable items for the upcoming Mother’s Day sale at Clay Space. Maybe I don’t run in the right circles since I don’t know anyone who uses napkin rings anymore. I like the bamboo yarn for these and the reverse linen stitch which gives them a nice texture with just a little sheen.  Martha’s site has many cute ideas for making them and encourages their use so I know many people out there must enjoy them.

I thought about slippers, but who wants to buy wool slippers in May? Then I thought about trying some knitting with fine gauge wire to make beautiful delicate jewelry. I even have a book that tells me exactly how to do it, Wired Beautiful. This book is filled with wonderful projects and clear step-by-step photos. Maybe other good ideas for projects will come to me in time.


One Comment on “off the needles – Napkin Rings”

  1. Dan Smellow says:

    These look great! I’m imaging a whole series on just napkin rings – some knitted, some out of jewelry materials, some out of clay…what fun!


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