Helpful Knitting Tools

Although I hardly ever knit domestic items, lately I’m drawn to them. There are so many great patterns for pillows, hand towels, spa sets, curtains, felted containers, napkin rings and the list goes on. One book that inpires me to knit homey items is Mason-Dixon Knitting. This is the first project I’ve made from it— Absorba, the great Bathmat—and I think it looks nice. I did use 3 strands held together which makes a very spongy, absorbant bathmat.

I also have been enjoying my latest knitting tool called a Huglight. It was mentioned by another knitter so I had to try it out. There are those times when I want to knit in the car at night and I’ve tried all sorts of lights without success. I know many knitters don’t need to see their knitting while knitting, but I’m not there yet.

Here are some other tools that are handy for socks: sock blockers and sock keepers.


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